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October 26, 2022 – August 28, 2023

Project Overview

The Belle Chasse Bridge and Belle Chasse Tunnel are crucial entry points for the people and businesses in Plaquemines Parish.

Both the bridge, which has been operational since 1968, and the tunnel, built in 1956, are near the end of their expected lifespan. They frequently need repairs, causing disruptions that impact travel for the public.

To address this, a replacement project was approved in 2017 using a Public-Private Partnership (P3), the first of its kind for LADOTD. This approach secured various public funding sources to execute the project and set an example for similar state projects.

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To fix the problems caused by old infrastructure, this project will replace the current bridge and tunnel with a new 4-lane bridge. This change will allow safer and more reliable travel throughout Plaquemines Parish.



USDOT Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) Grant


Federal/state funds allocated to DOTD


Regional Planning Commission



The project will replace the existing bridge and tunnel with a fixed-span, 4-lane bridge. Replacement of these structures will allow for safer and more reliable access for the residents, businesses, and industries in Plaquemines Parish. Improving the connectivity via this corridor will address the current conditions and operational constraints created by aging infrastructure.

Construction Timeframes

2020-2024 2020-2024
LATE 2023 LATE 2023
LATE 2024 LATE 2024


Design input on bridge and park


Lane closures, construction

LATE 2023

Demolish tunnel


Open new bridge

LATE 2024

Veterans Park construction starts

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Timeline of Events

Date Event
DECEMBER 2017 LA Joint Transportation Committee approved the use of a P3
FEBRUARY 2018 LADOTD issued a Notice of Intent
JUNE 2018 LADOTD shortlisted 3 teams to submit proposals
MARCH 2019 LADOTD received the proposal from Plenary Infrastructure Belle Chasse
DECEMBER 2019 LA Joint Transportation Committee authorized the execution of the P3 contract
2020 – 2024 Design/Construction
2024 Bridge Operational

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